Simplicity Saturdays

This is an accountability group that meets every Saturday morning for 75 minutes on Zoom. It is aimed at helping you clean, organize, and declutter a part of your home or tackle a project you've been avoiding so you can clear your head of the clutter that procrastination causes. Let's clear the path so you can move breath easy and move forward again!

Beyond the Bucket List Bootcamp

This is a 4 week interactive, virtual small group that meets once a week on Zoom. You will discover/rediscover your interests and passions, set goals with action steps, move through your obstacles and challenges and celebrate your accomplishments!

Beyond the Bucket List

Chapter 2

Prerequisite: Beyond the Bucket List.

After creating a firm foundation, this small group will dive deeper into exploring your purpose through written exercises and a weekly small group Zoom meeting.

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Simplicity Saturdays:

A 75-minute commitment to get your weekend to do list DONE!

Simplicity Saturday is an accountability group that meets on Zoom for 75 minutes every Saturday morning. The intent is to set a goal to clean, organize, and declutter a part of your home or work on a project for one hour without interruption.

You will have a (very simple) form to fill out before the meeting, committing to what you are going to work on.

We will spend the first 10 minutes of our time every week discussing a new strategy for organizing, purging and simplifying your life.

While you are working on your project, I will be replying to your commitment form and hold you accountable to your goal.

At the end of our time, you are encouraged to go back to your form and report what you accomplished.

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Purge With Purpose 7 Day Challenge:

Making Room for What Matters Most

This isn't a traditional class, it's a challenge!

When you sign-up, you will be given a workbook filled with several worksheets and strategies to help you purge all those extras in your house and in your life that are weighing you down and keeping you from accomplishing what matters most.

In addition to the workbook, you will be invited to 2

Q & A sessions on Zoom, and a private facebook group where you can celebrate your wins and support others going through the same process.

You will also have the opportunity to schedule a discounted 30 min one-on -one coaching session and recieve a 20% discount coupon for Simplicity Saturdays.

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