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Discerning God's Call: My Most Recent Thump on the Head

May 05, 20243 min read

Last week I was asked by my business coach what I was feeling most stuck on.  I told her I was having trouble articulating who I serve and what I do exactly.  I had a good, two-sentence description (or so I thought) but for some reason, I still couldn’t confidently speak or write about it.  She even had me practice my elevator speech with her and it still didn’t feel right.

Later that same day, I had another Zoom call with a different mentor (coincidence? never).  I shared my dilemma and she put her life coach hat on and proceeded to put me in the hot seat and challenge me to dig deep.  It worked, of course… 

 She asked me “What made you decide to take this road trip in the first place?”  People ask me this question all the time and my short answer is “The idea just came to me as I was driving from Austin to Dallas one day. It was a God thing.  I had been feeling restless for the past few months so I knew God had a change in store for me.  I just had no idea what it was".  

The Call came out of the blue, the timing was perfect, and it was a bucket list item anyway so I didn’t take the same amount of time to discern it as I had when He called me to Austin.  (I took two months to discern if it was just me or a call from God that time). I’ll save that story for another post.

Back to my mentor’s question… After I explained that it was a God thing, I then said something that I hadn't said out loud before.  I told her none of this journey has been me, it has all been God. It’s why I have difficulty articulating it.  I’m taking credit for something that I didn’t do.  Yes, I understand that I answered the call, but it’s not me!  

This also explains why I don’t have an answer when I’m asked what scares me most while I’m traveling.  God is my travel companion. Why on earth would I be afraid of anything?!? 

Finally, it explains why I’ve been struggling with promoting my business.  I have been denying God.  I didn’t want to just serve the “bubble” of Christian women. I wanted and still want to be able to speak to everyone so I can, at least, plant seeds along the way. 

I’m not a preachy, bubbly, cheerleader type coach/person/Christian and that’s why I often steer clear of female Christian authors and speakers. (though I know they aren't ALL like that) it’s the stereotype I have experienced.  I wasn't sure if I "fit the mold". I’m more of a tell it like it is, get in your face type coach.  I think it’s the athlete in me. My favorite athletic coaches were the ones who challenged me and didn't accept excuses.

So, where am I going with all this?  I’ll get to the point.  (that’s also me, I’m not one to embellish or beat around the bush) I prefer to just tell it like it is, though I do understand that everyone is different and I do have to tread lightly with some folks.  No Problem! Well, ok, I’m at least working on that. 😇

After the life changing, 30 minute call with my mentor, I put pen to paper and rewrote my business description.  Ready? Here it is! There are actually two.

The short one:  I am a Christian Life Coach who helps women step out of their comfort zone to fulfill God’s calling.

Longer version:  I am a Christian Life Coach who supports and encourages women over 50 as they learn to courageously step out of their comfort zone to answer God’s call for the next chapter of their life. 

Better?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Kelley Gatewood

Kelley Gatewood, the driving force behind Simply No Regrets, is on a mission to inspire women, particularly fellow empty nesters and women starting a new chapter in their lives, to live authentically and purposefully. Embracing a full time, nomadic lifestyle, Kelley travels the country solo in her SUV, combining pet sitting, volunteering, and camping for lodging. Her passion lies in empowering women to step out of their comfort zones, embodying simplicity and intentionality to create lives without regrets. As a coach and digital course creator, Kelley equips women with the confidence and resilience needed to pursue their dreams, passions, and bucket list adventures. Through her own journey of intentional living and daily boundary-pushing, Kelley leads by example, demonstrating the transformative power of authenticity and courage. Email Kelley to invite her to your podcast or blog as a guest, and join her in inspiring others to embrace a life of no regrets, filled with purpose, adventure, and empowerment.

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